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Inspired to Live by the Words of MLK

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”

Reverse Mentoring: Fresh Perspectives From Future Leaders

For many, mentoring involves a person with more experience coaching a person with less experience. This method has been proven through master/apprentice relationships that have allowed knowledge…

Peace Through Business Mentorship Program

Sonu Ratra has always been passionate about supporting women professionals. Her dedication developed at an early age thanks to the guidance and positive reinforcement her own mother provided.

Targeted Mentoring Program Keeps Pipeline Full

In an industry still struggling to implement diversity and inclusion, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) is something of a rarity: women make up 32 percent of the workforce and a little over 20 percent of senior leaders.

The GLOW of Reverse Mentoring at Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is a meritocracy – of people and of ideas – but that positioning is silent on LGBT issues. To move the global consulting firm from a difference-blind and passively accepting culture to an actively welcoming one, members of Gays and Lesbians…

Guiding Leaders Toward Inclusive Mentoring

Professional development through shared experiences is an important component in developing a diverse workforce. Often in a down economy, the professional development of employees can take a back seat to a focus on the bottom line.

Sponsorship Matters

Take a moment to ponder these questions. Is there someone who always speaks favorably for you when you are not in the room? Who is genuinely interested in your career and is willing to personally invest in your success?

Mentoring: A Tool To Improve Cross-Generational Employee Engagement

by Melanie Harrington, President Pamela Arnold, President-Elect American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc. In the Last decade, there has been considerable information shared about the four generations in the workplace, with a growing body of literature amassing on the youngest of the working generations, due in part to the management challenges they are causing Baby… Read the full article

Making Mentoring Work

by Catalyst Mentoring is a simple idea that can have powerful effects. The impact and potential benefits of formal mentoring programs—those in which organizations match mentors and mentees, designate minimum time commitments, monitor relationships, and evaluate the program—can span entire careers. A common misperception about formal mentoring is that it doesn’t work—that it cannot provide… Read the full article