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Female and Male Numbers in Law Still Unequal

By Stacy L. Douglas, Partner, Los Angeles, Wood Smith Henning & Berman LLP The low percentage of women partners at American law firms is a much-discussed topic. Recent surveys conducted by The National Association of Women Lawyers and the National Law Journal report the percentage of women partners in the country’s largest law firms has… Read the full article

Actionable Gains at Legal Diversity Nonprofit

By Grace Austin Founded in 2010, The Leadership Council on Legal Diversity (LCLD) was created with the mission to develop initiatives to improve diversity in the legal field. The LCLD seeks to unite both corporate legal departments and individual firms to take action on a national level. “Our world is diverse. The organizations that participate… Read the full article

The Gift of Mentoring Others

The request for mentoring someone else can sometimes come at an “inconvenient” time—when workload, taking over a new role, dealing with organizational change seem challenging enough. However, as we celebrate National Mentoring Month, I invite you to challenge yourself and others on this conventional thinking and entertain the idea that this might be the right time for you.

A Three-Word Mantra for Effective Leaders

That spark—we would see it more often if we just slowed down to look. When we do see the spark, we know. It’s the light of interest and engagement in an employee’s eyes that promises good things to come, if only we would take the time to fan the spark into a flame.

Q&A with Minal Deshpande

“I passionately believe in winning together—I don’t want my female colleagues to feel alone as they try to balance climbing the career ladder with their family responsibilities. I want to stand by them and share my experiences to help us all grow together. “

Q&A: Lynne Doughtie

Lynne Doughtie of KPMG has recently begun a new role as Vice Chair for Advisory in the Americas. Unique for women in the consulting and advisory business, Doughtie will be overseeing 6,000 employees. In this interview, Doughtie speaks about the changing work environment, getting started in the business, and balancing work and family.

If Your Goal is Success, Get a Sponsor

It is important to create connections in which a sponsor is willing to go to bat for his or her protégée, be an advocate, and champion your advancement.

Weight of Sponsorship Greater than Mentorship

Coaching is one thing; sponsorship is another— requiring courage and confidence.

Mentoring Vs. Sponsoring

VP of Editorial Services Damian Johnson sat down with Sarah Michel, Professional Speaker, Trainer, and Author of Perfecting Connecting, to discuss successful networking. In this interview we tackle sponsorship and mentorship—the ever constant gender disparities in the workplace, advice for introverts, and imperatives for successful relationships.

Time and Relevance Needed

There are two main challenges in being a sponsor— time and relevance.