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Every Cloud Has What?

While individuals in a particular culture can end up anywhere along the continuum, it is possible to plot the position of national cultures.

What is Culture, Anyway?

This might be a good time, as this column gets ready to celebrate its second anniversary, to define this word “culture” we’ve been throwing around, just assuming everyone understands it and its relevance to today’s workplace.

Multicultural Marketing Advice – Juliette Mayers

Multicultural Marketing develops business and consumer strategies to ensure the needs of its diverse members and potential members. In terms of integration, all key areas of our business are involved in the work and in the ongoing development of infrastructure to support our rapidly changing marketplace.

Time for Brazil

In this issue, we complete our tour of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) with which we’ve kicked off the “Culture Matters” column. We have suggested that for a variety of reasons—their natural resources, their human resources, their potential as markets—these four nations loom large in almost everyone’s future. They will be key players in the global arena, and if you too aspire to play in that arena, knowing more about the cultures of these four nations will give you a leg up.

Watch Your Language

by Craig Storti When we interact with people from other cultures, one of the biggest challenges is dealing with language issues, not cultural differences (the raison d’etre and usual subject of this column). In our multi-cultural world, chances are you have encountered the language challenge if your job involves serving the public or otherwise interacting… Read the full article

Multicultural Marketing Advice – Monica Contreras

The objective of our grassroots-based multicultural marketing approach is to position New York Life as the Company of the Community.

Multicultural Marketing Advice – Pranab Shah

The U.S. Postal Service embraces multicultural marketing as a natural part of fulfilling its universal service mandate.

Why America Shouldn’t Fear Globalization

by Gerry Murphy President SunGuard Brokerage & Clearance Americans are concerned about how globalization will impact the prosperity of the United States. They are leery of global competition for jobs and the offshoring of some U.S. jobs to other countries. While I can understand why some would be threatened by this, the U.S. as a… Read the full article

Multicultural Marketing Advice – Oscar Madrid

Verizon’s desire is to effectively promote our great products and services in a way that appeals to our multicultural consumers, providing them access to the best in entertainment, internet and voice service.

Multicultural Marketing Advice – Rich Baron

Executive Director, Customer Development Marketing Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. How does your organization use ethnic insights to drive growth? We conduct extensive studies of different customer segments to try to understand not only how they may differ from each other, but, more importantly, what are the key attributes that define that customer? What is important… Read the full article