Ohio University Opens the Gateway to Diversity

In the rolling hills of Southeastern Ohio, Ohio University sits as a beacon of cultural and intellectual light. Since its founding in 1804, OHIO has been at the forefront of diversity in higher education.

Driving Competitive Strategy Through Key Diversity Leadership

As the war on talent intensifies and globalization continues to drive future business practices, corporate attitudes on diversity and inclusion have shifted from a moral obligation to a business imperative.

Coming to Terms with Bias

For the past several months I’ve been working with a client in the financial industry on the topic of unconscious bias.

The Journey to Diversity Maturity

Diversity and inclusion are much more than stand-alone efforts at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina. They are key elements in company-wide cultural change.

Changing the Game of Diversity Through Technology

The number one emerging hot topic among chief executives is ‘social.’ ‘Social’ is shorthand for the social media boom that’s hit globally, and many companies are wondering how they can harness the power of the social network.

Dr. Shirley A. Davis

“As women, we must speak up, speak out, and be willing to have courageous conversations.”

“What You Do Speaks So Loud…”

In the May/June edition of this publication I introduced the concept of the equitable leader. The article highlighted that the equitable leader exhibits a different set of behaviors than the typical leader in the world of work.

The Gift of Freedom

Freedom often comes at a price. I was reminded of this recently while attending an awards luncheon for distinguished military service in our nation’s capitol. What struck me most was the elaborate, solemn ceremony conducted by the military to honor fallen family members, held even before recognizing the award recipients.

Bonnie Apodaca

Director, Business Management Operations, Sandia National Laboratories

Grace Cowan

“Have courage to stand up and make the best decision for the business.”