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ERG Membership & Participation

Successful leaders discuss best practices to help improve membership and participation in your own employee resource groups.

Building New ERGs- Steps and Tips

Looking to form an ERG? Start here.

Ignite Your ERGs

Successful leaders discuss best practices to help launch or improve your own employee resource groups.

ERGs Bring Together Workers from all 50 States, Overseas

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is having the opportunity to interact with so many different kinds of people every day.

Disability Employee Resource Groups

By Nadine VogelPresident, Springboard Consulting LLC Most companies today have what is known as employee resource or affinity groups. ERGs can be a tremendous asset for a company as long as they are seen as a group that connects directly to business goals and objectives and not a corporate sponsored support group. Historically, these groups… Read the full article

Developing Diversity Leaders

Employee diversity is a focus for many companies. This is certainly true for Sprint, where diversity is a key part of how we do business. By being representative of the diverse markets we serve, we are better at serving our customers.

ERGs: Providing Value Beyond Cultural Awareness

ERGs should be managed within the same business constructs as other organizational entities. The idea of allowing a business unit to operate independently of the enterprise would prove chaotic to the organization, and the same holds true for ERGs.

The GLOW of Reverse Mentoring at Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman is a meritocracy – of people and of ideas – but that positioning is silent on LGBT issues. To move the global consulting firm from a difference-blind and passively accepting culture to an actively welcoming one, members of Gays and Lesbians…

ERGs + Community Outreach = Good Business Strategy

CSC’s global Diversity Council (GDC) supports a global diversity program that promotes an inclusive environment in which employees have an opportunity to contribute, develop and meet their career objectives.

The Value of a Progression Model for Inclusion & Diversity Initiatives

Attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce is a top priority for Cisco, an organization that employs 72,600 people in more than 90 countries.