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Inspiration from Women Leaders Throughout History

I believe the single greatest quality great women leaders all shared was self-confidence. Confident, effective women leaders are willing to stand out from the crowd and take risks to make their mark. They often have strong networks of influencers who help them get things done. Knowing people who have power can be a confidence builder for women leaders.

Leadership Spotlight: Bonnie Apodaca

Leadership Spotlight: Bonnie Apodaca, Director, Business Management Operations Sandia National Laboratories

Q&A with Leah Brown, A-10 CEO

PDJ talks with Leah Brown, CEO, A-10. A10 Clinical Solutions helps its clients get their life-saving, innovative, investigational new drugs to market faster and safer by the quality management of critical clinical trials.

Women Still Working for Equity

Since the Women’s Rights Movement in the 1970s, women have come a long way in their pursuit of equal rights. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 1975, 39.6% of the employed population were women; by 2011, that number had risen to 47.2 percent. The rate of women working has also grown since the 70s. In the 1970s, 43.3 percent of American women participated in the workforce and in 2010 that number had increased to 59.7 percent.

Women Ask, Men Don’t Have to

We’ve heard the maxim that “women don’t ask.” This view is so prevalent that an entire cottage industry has sprung up to address it. The problem is that it’s simply untrue.

Accelerating the Advancement of Women

Why is it so important for organizations to accelerate their investment in women? Simply stated: They can’t afford not to.

Passing the Baton

I’ll begin by overstating the obvious: the world is changing around us at an exponential pace. Information moves at the speed of light and often, becomes outdated by the time it is fully socialized.

Reverse Mentoring: Fresh Perspectives From Future Leaders

For many, mentoring involves a person with more experience coaching a person with less experience. This method has been proven through master/apprentice relationships that have allowed knowledge…

“What You Do Speaks So Loud…”

In the May/June edition of this publication I introduced the concept of the equitable leader. The article highlighted that the equitable leader exhibits a different set of behaviors than the typical leader in the world of work.

The Gift of Freedom

Freedom often comes at a price. I was reminded of this recently while attending an awards luncheon for distinguished military service in our nation’s capitol. What struck me most was the elaborate, solemn ceremony conducted by the military to honor fallen family members, held even before recognizing the award recipients.