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A Three-Word Mantra for Effective Leaders

That spark—we would see it more often if we just slowed down to look. When we do see the spark, we know. It’s the light of interest and engagement in an employee’s eyes that promises good things to come, if only we would take the time to fan the spark into a flame.

Let the Force of the 21st Century Be with You

Understanding how the world requires greater commitment from all members to modify the business process allows for faster flow of information which, in terms, enables to easily detect, interpret, and translate needs from the market into new behavioral responses

Paying It Forward Pays Back

What makes a leader effective? Being able to take charge, make sound decisions, and get the most out of employees by inspiring them to achieve goals are essential skills. But helping others to live up to their full potential is also a crucial part of successful leadership.

Q&A: Lynne Doughtie

Lynne Doughtie of KPMG has recently begun a new role as Vice Chair for Advisory in the Americas. Unique for women in the consulting and advisory business, Doughtie will be overseeing 6,000 employees. In this interview, Doughtie speaks about the changing work environment, getting started in the business, and balancing work and family.

Words of Wisdom from Mom

Mom was instrumental in shaping who I am today. She inspired me to dream big and be a leader. She came from humble beginnings. She was orphaned at an early age and received only an eighth grade education. Yet she had so much tenacity, and she taught me so much.

Emerging ERG Leaders

We asked the leaders of newly formed ERGs to share their journeys to leadership, as well as how leadership of a company’s internal group has helped further their careers. Although most of these ERGs are less than two years old, it is clear that the leadership skills and connections gained have been beneficial for each leader and company.

Interview with Dr. Paul White

We spoke to Dr. Paul White, psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant. White’s book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, is in stores now.

Leadership Profile: Kenneth J. Bacon

Fannie Mae Retiree led Fannie Mae’s Katrina Response and Low-Income Financing for Millions

Senior Leaders- Don’t Be Lulled by Recruiting Success

Recruiting and hiring diverse employees is only the beginning. With a disciplined commitment, companies can build a diverse leadership pipeline to compete in a global marketplace that demands innovation.

On the Anniversary of Diversity, Does Its Purpose Deserve a Second Look?

Perhaps it is time to take a sober second look at the promise of diversity. Perhaps it’s time for us to revisit why we are doing this.