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One Part Boutique, One Part Lions Club

In the trendy world of designer eyeglasses and corporate do-gooding, there has been a convergence of companies offering stylish glasses and touting “buy a pair give a pair” philosophies (when a customer buys a pair of glasses, someone less fortunate receives a pair).

Is the Nonprofit Sector Doing Enough for Diversity?

Many employees and supporters of nonprofit organizations are expressing concern that the industry has not been keeping up with the greater need for a diverse workforce and is failing to translate the importance of diversity and inclusion into decisive action.

A New Tool for the Budding Businessperson

Designed to aid young entrepreneurs, Startup America Partnership (SAP) hopes to provide jobs and put America at the forefront of innovation by encouraging young entrepreneurs with their small businesses.

Cullen Jones “Dares to be Different”

When Cullen Jones began swimming, he didn’t know he would become an African-American “first,” a trailblazer in his field. Cullen Jones didn’t know he would be an Olympian either. Cullen Jones, Olympic gold medalist, began swimming out of necessity.

Men Advocating REAL Change

A lot of guys get that equality programs—things like flexible work arrangements, mentoring programs, on-site childcare, and legislative solutions for equal pay—are good for women and men.

‘LAGRANT’ing Scholarships to Minority Students

For over a decade, The LAGRANT Foundation has worked to achieve a shared goal of creating diversity in the workplace. During this time, The LAGRANT Foundation (TLF) has donated over $1 million to ethnically diverse students interested in the media industry.

Diversity and Giving

New reports have shown that people of religious and ethnic diversity are more apt to give than their counterparts.

Art Moves its Way into City Limits

Break dancing, graffiti, hip-hop music and reggae steel drums are not traditionally associated with the word “art.” In the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio region, a non-profit organization, ArtsWave, is attempting to change such thinking by introducing local communities to all forms of art.

Heroes Coming Home

The Sears Heroes at Home program raises money to support the rehabilitation of homes for veterans and military families across the country in collaboration with Rebuilding Together, the nation’s leading non profit working to preserve affordable homeownership.

Inspired Doctor Helps Disadvantaged Students with Dreams

The disparities in healthcare are one of today’s hot-button issues, with everyone from political pundits to major hospitals weighing in on the subject. Some experts have suggested that increasing the diversity of the healthcare workforce will close these gaps and produce more innovative approaches to diseases. This is the goal of Mentoring in Medicine, a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by an ER doctor.