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Fundly Helps Those Seeking Charitable Causes Find Support

By Grace Austin THE INCREDIBLE POWER OF CROWDFUNDING HAS FINALLY MOVED INTO THE CHARITABLE SECTOR. Fundly, the crowdfunding platform for “social good,” has enabled users to raise more than $305 million to-date for nonprofit, volunteer, political, and personal charitable causes. Founded by Dave Boyce in 2009, Fundly began as a way to make fundraising more… Read the full article

Global Perspectives: Women at Work in China and India

EVER WONDER HOW working women fare under the law in China and India, the world’s most populous countries? According to two recently published Catalyst tools, China: The Legal Framework for Women and Work and India: The Legal Framework for Women and Work, women in both countries have many rights on paper—and relatively few in practice,… Read the full article

Q&A with Second Chance Exec Robert Coleman

We spoke with Second Chance Executive Director Robert Coleman, who heads the nonprofit designed to help find work for the “hardest to serve”—the formerly homeless, those with a criminal history, health issues, suffer from addiction, or are right out of school. Based in San Diego, California, Second Chance is now in its twentieth year helping… Read the full article

Targeting Breast Cancer Rates in Minorities

By Marc Hurlbert, Executive Director, Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade Remarkable progress has been made in breast cancer screening and care in the past twenty years. Survival is improving, surgery can be less invasive in most cases, targeted therapies with fewer side effects are available, and not every breast cancer has to be treated with… Read the full article

Lowering Childhood Obesity at Girls Inc.

By Judy Vredenburgh, President and CEO, Girls Inc. Minority health today is inescapably linked with the issue of childhood obesity. While almost a third of American youth are overweight, nearly 40 percent of African American and Latino children are overweight or obese. We cannot afford either the loss of their futures to the myriad of… Read the full article

Philanthropy and the U.S. Hispanic

By Craig Handley and Tony Ricciardi, Founders of Listen Up Español The potential buying power of the rapidly growing Hispanic marketplace is well known. There are 50 million Hispanic co nsumers in the U.S. today, which will grow to a projected 133 million by 2050. Despite the remarkable buzz, marketers are failing to understand that… Read the full article

Dine Out and Fight AIDS

On Thursday, April 25, you can help those affected with HIV/AIDS by eating. Yes, eating. Simply eat at a participating restaurant, and local restaurants will donate money to those affected by HIV/AIDS in your area.

Grade-Appropriate Classroom Curriculum Promotes Clothing Recycling

The Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles Association (SMART) is developing grade-appropriate educational materials in conjunction with the Education Center to promote the concept of clothing as a recyclable product.

Operation HOPE Celebrates 20 Years of Promoting Economic Equality

After two decades as an organization, Operation HOPE has individually served over 1.2 million people in 273 United States cities, as well as locations in South America and Haiti. However, Operation HOPE’s ultimate goal is to no longer be a necessity to society through the full realization of a thriving capitalist economy and the elimination of financial injustice.

New Study Shows Engaging White Men is Key to Improving Workplace Culture

When companies begin to view white men as part of the solution rather than as part of the problem, the results can be dramatic indeed.