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How to Attract, Retain and Motivate Today’s Workforce

Business leaders should realize creating a workplace that attracts, retains and engages their workforce is important no matter what the economy is doing. The key point to remember is talented and skilled people are always in demand. The more skill and talent they possess, the more likely they can leave you for another employer.

Halliburton Finds The Best Talent in Every Country and Culture

Halliburton is a leading energy services company with 60,000 employees working in 80 countries. Our employees speak more than 200 languages, and they range from field operators to engineers, scientists and managers.

Don’t Let Increasing Discrimination Claims Derail Your Diversity Initiative

Companies are increasingly adopting diversity initiatives and openly proclaiming their desire for more diversity in the workplace. This is excellent news to those of us responsible for diversity programs.

The Role of Diversity Management in the Global Talent Retention Race

At a recent luncheon, we discussed different approaches to creating a work environment that would accommodate various levels of diversity in the employee population.

Tapping Diversity Talent on Campus

Long recognized as a critical source of new talent to an organization, campus recruiting programs are an essential component of a firm’s overall staffing strategy and, by extension, a means to advance diversity recruiting.

Best Practices for Recruitment and Retention Start with Corporate Culture

There is an interesting phenomenon going on in American workplaces today. Despite national unemployment levels at five-year highs, top talent is leaving our organizations en masse.

The Shape of Talent

by Trevor Wilson Author and Global Human Equity Strategist TWI Inc. “We need someone who is genetically programmed to recognize and avoid serious risks, including those never before encountered. Temperament is also important, independent thinking, emotional stability and a keen understanding of both human and institutional behaviour. i’ve seen a lot of very educated people… Read the full article

Opting In

Understanding why women lawyers leave law firms in disporportionately high numbers, Lorelie Masters asks all to “opt in” to encourage a level playing field for all lawyers.