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Developing LGBTQ Leaders at Deloitte

Developing LGBT leaders is an innovative corporate idea, as companies are becoming increasingly aware that many LGBT employees are ready to lead and advance their career but face barriers preventing them from taking a leadership step.

Diversity Terms in South Africa

Race, Ethnicity, Skin Color Black The term is used in the South African context and as defined black refers to people with an African, Indian, and Coloured background. Coloured The term Coloured is used in South Africa in a nondiscriminatory way. However, it should be considered that in the course of the Apartheid the racial… Read the full article

Gay in Nashville

Q&A with Joey Amato, Nashville-based founder of Unite Magazine, OUTreach Public Relations, and a syndicated travel columnist for OutDestinations. Amato is a member of Nashville’s GLBT Chamber of Commerce and active in the city’s charitable organizations. How did you develop your businesses? I got my start in publishing straight out of college, working for a… Read the full article

Tips for Creating an LGBT-Inclusive Workplace Environment

LGBT employees constitute a sizeable and dynamic workforce population with unique professional insights. As workplaces around the world become sensitized to LGBT issues, an increasing number of global organizations are making the creation and maintenance of an inclusive workplace culture a top priority.

Trend 2: LGBT: Emptying the Closet

2012 was certainly a tipping point year for LGBT rights in the US and abroad. Probably the most significant event in the US was President Obama’s reversal on his previously held stand against gay marriage. Even with this controversial stand, he was re-elected, which is a testament to the fact that attitudes are definitely changing.

Were They or Weren’t They?

One of the banners frequently flown at LGBTQ pride parades reads, “Unfortunately, history has set the record a little too straight.”

LGBT-Friendly Lists Help Youth Find Welcoming Environments

Finding educational institutions that are friendly to LGBT youth has become a major aspect of LGBT students’ college searches, and schools have taken notice.

Surviving Sexual Identity Discrimination

It is clear that diversity in terms of sexual orientation can cause discrimination. In response to an increasing number of people coming out at work, and an increasing number of lawsuits and complaints filed for anti-gay harassment on the job, many firms are updating their non-discrimination policies to include
protection for LGBT employees.

Why I Joined Sprint Pride

A few years ago, I became an executive sponsor of Pride, Sprint’s LGBT employee resource group. With nearly 700 members, Pride has supported, ushered and even challenged much of Sprint’s LGBT progress over the years.

Rates of Same-Sex Adoption Decreases, Families Reflect Greater Diversity

Proportionally fewer same-sex couples are raising children today than in 2006, and their families reflect greater racial/ethnic and socioeconomic diversity than often represented in the media and academic research, according to new analyses by Williams Distinguished Scholar Dr. Gary Gates.